Calm majesticism and robust elegance fuse together in the architonic Risoluto bookshelf to create an impressive and meditative sculptural piece of furniture. Inspired by dark and mysterious monoliths, brutalist architecture and eastern philosophies Risoluto is an object meant to be observed and contemplated.

The structure consists of hot rolled solid steel rods that gives the furniture a unique haptic surface and sculptural feel. The shelf structure seams have been soldered with brass instead of welding to emphasize the ethereal quality of the bookshelf. The diagonal square rods that make up the horizontal shelf supports provide a slanted frame for the solid oak shelf boards which have a corresponding edge which connects with the steel structure perfectly. There’s also the option of having some of the shelf boards shorter in order to store higher objects on the shelf. The whole surface of the steel structure is treated only with a light oxidation and a wax coat to protect the natural feel of the material.

The Risoluto bookshelf can also be custom ordered to fit to a specific space.

Every Risoluto is serial numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.



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Material and finishes

Frame: oxidized steel | Shelves: natural or blackened oak




Avainlippu, Design From Finland

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Meet the makers.

Paja&Bureau is the passion project and dream company of two left-handed designer-makers from Helsinki. Eetu and Nino work with different kinds of metals inspired by the innate and expressive quality of the materials. By fusing experimental techniques, traditional craftsmanship and artistic ambition they stretch the boundaries of the greatly overlooked and understated aspects of steel and other hard substances.

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