Are you private customer, business owner or interior architect?
Need something custom designed, manufactured or both?

We provide a holistic approach where we can deal with the whole project in-house from sketching to final installation of the finished piece or any of the following process elements separately and more. Get in touch and let us know what you need.


We provide versatile interior, object and furniture design for various uses, spaces and needs. Our focus is on honest materials and surface treatments, sustainability and durability. We aim to provide designs that are made to last and age well. 


The core of the company is in manufacturing services and our focus is in working with different metal materials, but also other natural materials such as leather and wood. We combine traditional crafts skills with modern production tools to provide the best solutions for a wide range of projects.

Project managment

Do you have a larger project in mind or are you in need of someone to tackle a bigger task involving multiple companies? Let us take care of it. We’ll find and connect the right professionals to realise the assignment at any stage of the process.

Subcontracting and prototyping

If you’re a designer or a producer looking for an agile company to produce small series of products or parts with a flexible schedule we’re here to help.

Steel structure staircase with oak steps for a private home.

Project for Teatteri Vantaa and Tanssiteatteri Raatikko including L-shaped copper plated steel bar counter with steel wall cabinets, steel structure bench with oak veneer seat and back rest,…

Powder coated steel clothing rack and shelf system for a private home.

Custom designed and manufactured tilting keyboard stand and hallway cabinet for a private client.

Custom steel structure loft bed with oak parts and brass details for a private client.

Mobile reading nook with display walls, book stands and storage space. Design by Pablo Riquelme.

Brass counters, structures and a steel frame window divider for a private home. Design by Laura Huhtakangas/A1 Design.

Sample material palette with different metal materials 0n massive oak frame.  

Steel wireframe table prototype with two surface treatment versions: effect black and oxidized and a massive oak tabletop.

Private home project involving a living room/library mezzanine manufactured from oxidized steel and a loft nook from powder coated steel. Design by Laura Huhtakangas/A1 Design.