Paja&Bureau is a Finnish furniture designer-maker studio specializing in metal materials. The company produces its own line of handcrafted metal objects and furniture pieces as well as custom tailored projects and interior realizations.

Paja & Bureau Oy

Paja&Bureau is a Helsinki-based furniture design studio and manufacturing workshop that specialises in metal materials. In addition to their own quality furniture and object line the company produces custom projects and interior design realisations for both private homes as well as public spaces.

The essence of the company lies in material-based design and workshop production, which allow for fully tailored projects and attention to quality and detail. Paja&Bureau works with projects of all sizes and values approachability and transparency throughout their operations. The two workshop studios in Central Helsinki complete Paja&Bureau’s multifaceted and co-operative working environments in a unique way.

Steel structure staircase with oak steps for a private home.

Project for Teatteri Vantaa and Tanssiteatteri Raatikko including L-shaped copper plated steel bar counter with steel wall cabinets, steel structure bench with oak veneer seat and back rest,…

Powder coated steel clothing rack and shelf system for a private home.

Custom designed and manufactured tilting keyboard stand and hallway cabinet for a private client.

Custom steel structure loft bed with oak parts and brass details for a private client.

Mobile reading nook with display walls, book stands and storage space. Design by Pablo Riquelme.

Brass counters, structures and a steel frame window divider for a private home. Design by Laura Huhtakangas/A1 Design.

Sample material palette with different metal materials 0n massive oak frame.  

Steel wireframe table prototype with two surface treatment versions: effect black and oxidized and a massive oak tabletop.

Private home project involving a living room/library mezzanine manufactured from oxidized steel and a loft nook from powder coated steel. Design by Laura Huhtakangas/A1 Design.