Paja&Bureau is a Finnish furniture designer-maker studio specializing in metal materials. The company produces its own line of handcrafted metal objects and furniture pieces as well as custom tailored projects and interior realizations.

Paja & Bureau Oy

Paja&Bureau is a furniture design and manufacturing company based in Ullanlinna, Helsinki, specializing in metal materials. The company produces its own brand collection of quality furniture pieces and other objects in addition to unique bespoke works and  tailored interior space realizations. The approach to projects and production methods is to be as holistic and vertically integrated as possible with products being designed and made by the company in-house in Ullanlinna and near Helsinki. The company fuses traditional handicrafts skills with contemporary technology and tools valuing tradition and respecting evolution. Sourcing only the most ethical and local available materials and with made to order production the aim is to be as sustainable, transparent and inspiring as possible.

Brass counters, structures and a steel frame window divider for a private home. Design by Laura Huhtakangas/A1 Design.

Sample material palette with different metal materials 0n massive oak frame.  

Steel wireframe table prototype with two surface treatment versions: effect black and oxidized and a massive oak tabletop.

Wire chair manufactured for Jussi Laine as a part of Nemo Architects’ OSAT/PARTS exhibition. Photographs by Unto Rautio.

Paja&Bureau’s unique forged wall reliefs in steel. Surface is made by a combination of grinding, oil-burning and heat coloring.  

Wooden window shutters, frames and decorations for both doors and windows for a private home.  

Landscape gallery and visual elements for performances for Helsinki Fest 2020. Design by Outi Lehto. Photographs by Saara Autere.  

Ozidized steel bathroom tables for Lily Lee restaurant in Helsinki.  

Steel gate for an appartment complex. Design by Laura Huhtakangas/A1.

Interior steel dog gate with oxidized surface and copper details.