Primitive Feast

Art and design exhibition put together for Ventura Lambrate 2016 in Milan featuring unique pieces by Paja&Bureau and commissioned ceramic plates by Paikkari/Tamminen Connection.

A Royal Presence sculpture series by Eetu Enqvist.

Materials: elk and deer skulls, brass, steel, concrete, brass-plated steel, lighting equipment

Space Opera sculpture series by Eetu Enqvist and Nino Hynninen

Materials: oil burnt steel

Schiara dining table by Eetu Enqvist

Materials: oxidized steel, steel, brass

Informal cutlery by Nino Hynninen

Materials: 24K gold plated bronze

Paikkari/Tamminen Connection dinnerware by Mari Paikkari and Veera Tamminen

Materials: porcelain

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